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Season 2 (EP15): Making CUSTOM parts for the ZX10!! Ninja ZX-10R.

Time Length: 1:13:58
Release Date: March 13, 2018

Brian is back! Chase gets punished for the work done While he was away, we realize how little time we have left finish this bike, and super slow motion! Let’s get to it!

Season 2 | Episodes

Season 2 (EP01): Bidding on the NEW motorcycle! Ninja ZX-10R

Season 2 (EP02): Shopping for the NEW BIKE!! Ninja ZX-10R.

Season 2 (EP03): The NEW BIKE is HERE!! Ninja ZX-10R

Season 2 (EP04): Will the bike even crank?! Ninja ZX-10R

Season 2 (EP05): Don’t RUIN the EXHAUST! Ninja ZX-10R.

Season 2 (EP06): I HAD to call for HELP! Ninja ZX-10R

Season 2 (EP07): I’ve ALWAYS been scared of this! Ninja ZX-10R.

Season 2 (EP08): Time to swap the motorcycle frames! Ninja ZX-10R.

Season 2 - Before / After
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