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Season 2 (EP08): Time to swap the motorcycle frames! Ninja ZX-10R.

Time Length: 34:42
Release Date: December 19, 2017

We’ve got a lot of people coming over to the garage today, WE ARE STOKED! Special thanks to Brian, Jake, and MotoNazi for help on todays episode.

Season 2 | Episodes

Season 2 (EP01): Bidding on the NEW motorcycle! Ninja ZX-10R

Season 2 (EP02): Shopping for the NEW BIKE!! Ninja ZX-10R.

Season 2 (EP03): The NEW BIKE is HERE!! Ninja ZX-10R

Season 2 (EP04): Will the bike even crank?! Ninja ZX-10R

Season 2 (EP05): Don’t RUIN the EXHAUST! Ninja ZX-10R.

Season 2 (EP06): I HAD to call for HELP! Ninja ZX-10R

Season 2 (EP07): I’ve ALWAYS been scared of this! Ninja ZX-10R.

Season 2 (EP09): Getting the engine BACK IN the motorcycle! Ninja-ZX-10R

Season 2 - Before / After
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