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Our R6M Season 6 is CLOSED!!


Hey everyone. Now that Season 6 is officially closed for entries I wanted to make a post so everyone knows what to expect next. I know you are all excited about the winner getting chosen soon.

Right now, we have to wait until Jan 8th 2024 to allow for all entries from the website to be finalized (mostly merch entries). On Jan 9th at noon EST, we will be choosing a winner and contacting the winner via the email and text that were used when creating your account. Once we have confirmed the winner, we will be making a post announcing their name and to let everyone know that a winner has been chosen.

As of 1/1/2024 all membership entires will start counting for Season 7 (bikes to be announced later).

Season 6 | Episodes

Season 6 (EP01): REVEALING the bike for my DREAM BIKE BUILD!

Season 6 (EP02): If Yamaha won’t do it, WE WILL! 2018 R6 Build Plans

Season 6 (EP03): 2018 Yamaha R6 | First Ride

Season 6 (EP04): Tearing down our 2018 Yamaha R6 to get THIS off!

Season 6 (EP05): Unboxing $6,000 of R6 UPGRADES!

Season 6 (EP06): EVERYTHING is going wrong…

Season 6 (EP07): This can’t be happening…

Season 6 (EP08): The R6 won’t give me a break…

Season 6 - Before / After
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