He waited 7 years for this to happen! | Yamaha R6M Giveaway

Build Day: Giveaway
Time Length:
Release Date: Feb 8, 2024


Ever found yourself saying, ‘I wish that were me’ while watching someone else win big?

Well, Dave, who just got the keys to a jaw-dropping Yamaha R6M, might just make you say it louder. He’s been a part of our journey for 7 years, showing that patience and support really do get rewarded.

Feeling the itch to be next? Good news: Season 7 doubles your chances with not one, but TWO bikes up for grabs.

Dive into the action at WBRGarage.com and join a community where your long-term support could turn into your dream bike.

Who knows? Next time, it could be you getting that congratulatory handshake from me!

Season 6 - Before / After