We turn wrecked bikes into dream bikes, then GIVE THEM AWAY!

Wrecked Bike Rebuild is a web series that I started initially just as a way of learning more about working on my own motorcycles. Once the first season of Wrecked Bike Rebuild started it took off like crazy and has now become one of the most popular series on the Chaseontwowheels YouTube channel. It has also turned into an amazing online community that hangs out over on Patreon! With a super-active community, live stream where we discuss the direction to take each bike and loads of incentives for Patrons, this is definitely something to check out. You can join the community for as little as $1 an episode so I highly recommend you at least clicking over and checking it out.

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WBR Show Access

$5 Per Month

Community Access

$15 Per Month

Podcast Access

$40 Per Month

Build Stream Access

$60 Per Month