Season 5.2 (Ep13): We had to get a BRAND NEW ENGINE because… | 2016 CBR 300R Flat Tracker Build – Day 13

Build Day: 13
Time Length:
Release Date: May 3rd, 2022

Description: Today we get moving on our 2016 CBR 300R, the roller is done and engine gets put in. Brian gets a much needed break from our streetfighter build to make progress on his favorite build (don’t tell the other bikes).

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2016 CBR 300R Flat Tracker Build Playlist:


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(We’re going to be ordering a TON from what it looks like) In this episode of Wrecked Bike Rebuild Garge, we UNBOX our brand new wheels we ordered from Warp9.

We also get the rest of the CBR 300 prepped to go to powdercoating!

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Season 5.2 - Before / After

Wrecked Bike Rebuild - 2016 CBR 300R Flat Tracker Before Rebuild