Season 5.2 (EP02) CBR 300 turned into Flat Tracker REPLICA!! 2016 CBR 300R Flat Tracker

Build Day: 2
Time Length:
Release Date: Jun 3, 2020

Description: So its time to plan out our 2016 CBR 300! The engine is in pretty rough shape. This is our smallest CBR, we’ve decided to go full Flat Tracker replica. We review some of the major components needed to make this build possible!

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0:00 Intro
0:10 WBRG 2016 CBR 300R
0:25 WBRG Team Behind
0:37 WBRG Join us over on Patreon
1:04 2016 CBR 300R bike issues
1:30 2016 CBR 300R cranking the engine
2:20 2016 CBR 300R Build Plans
3:48 2016 CBR 300R Exhaust Plans
4:32 2016 CBR 300R Body Plans
5:05 2016 CBR 300R Dash Plans
5:39 2016 CBR 300R Wheel Plans
6:42 2016 CBR 300R Handlebar Plans
7:09 2016 CBR 300R Frame Plans
8:03 2016 CBR 300R Skid Plate Plans
9:07 2016 CBR 300R Radiator Plans
9:25 2016 CBR 300R Tail Section Plans
10:50 2016 CBR 300R Plan Wrap Up
12:16 Outro
12:47 Outro Crew


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Season 5.2 - Before / After

Wrecked Bike Rebuild - 2016 CBR 300R Flat Tracker Before Rebuild