Season 5.1 (EP40): Wrecked Honda CBR 1000RR FULL BUILD TIMELAPSE | Under 10 min!!

Build Day: 40
Time Length:
Release Date: Nov 15, 2022

Description: This 2008 CBR 1000RR might not have looked too “wrecked” when we got it but trust that motor was shot! The last 2 years building this bike into what we call a cafe-fighter has certainly had it’s share of highs and lows but here we are and the build is finally done! It was hard to keep up with the build while we were in the middle of it but hopefully doing a timelapse of 2 years worth of work will show you guys JUST how much work has been done on this bike. There isn’t a single piece on this bike we haven’t gone over! We’ve turned a stellar Supersport into a comfortable and crazy powerful naked and had a hell of a time doing it!

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Season 5.1 - Before / After

Wrecked Bike Rebuild 2008 CBR 1000 Before