Season 1 (EP20): Oct 3, 2017

Time Length: 10:39
Release Date: Oct 3, 2017

Description: The Bike is Finished!! We take a closer look at what we did to make the bike street legal and what Chase added to this masterpiece.

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Mod List:

Powerder coated rims Tires: Click Here!

Headlight: Click Here!

Fork Turn signals: Click Here!

Clutch Fluid Reservoir: Click Here!

Front Brake Res: Click Here!

Rear Brake Res: Click Here!

Rizoma Handlebar: Click Here!

Rizoma Grips: Click Here!

Mirrors: Click Here!

Black OEM Plastics: Click Here!

Carbon center fairing carbon cluster cover Gas Cap: Click Here!

Seat: Click Here!

Exhaust: Click Here!

Fender Eliminator: Click Here!

Sliders: Click Here!

Open Clutch Basket: Click Here!

Clutch Pressure Plate: Click Here!

Woodcraft rear-sets (forgot to mention in the video): Click Here! Denali Sound bomb: Click Here!

Front Sprocket Cover: Click Here!

Rear Sprocket: Click Here!

Rear Sprocket Hub: Click Here!


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Season 1 - Before / After

Wrecked Bike Rebuild Season 1 Ducatti Monster Before
Wrecked Bike Rebuild Season 1 Ducati Monster 1100 After