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🏁🔥 The Winner’s Circle: Announcing the Champion of WBRGarage Season 6! 🏍️🎉


The engines have roared, the votes are in, and it’s time to pull back the curtain on the sensational Season 6 of WBRGarage! With excitement revving at high gear, we’re thrilled to announce the winner:

Dave McMasters! 🏆

A Champion Rides Forward

Dave, congratulations on crossing the finish line as the top dog! Your passion for riding and enthusiasm for the community has set the bar high. It’s not just a win; it’s a testament to your dedication to the two-wheeled world. We can’t wait to see you ride off on your well-deserved prize!

Gratitude on Full Throttle

To every single one of you in our C2W family – your support this season has been nothing short of phenomenal. Whether you were tuning in, voting, or spreading the word, you’ve been the fuel to our fire. We are endlessly grateful for your energy and engagement. You’re not just fans; you’re the heartbeat of WBRGarage.

The Ride Goes On

Didn’t win this time? Keep your helmets on and spirits high! We know it’s tough to see a beauty of a bike ride away with someone else, but here’s some news to rev up your spirits: Season 7 is gearing up to be epic! Not one, but TWO incredible bikes will be up for grabs! We’re doubling the excitement and your chances to win!

Season 7: A Dual Thrill Awaits

Get ready to drop jaws and turn heads, because Season 7 of WBRGarage is bringing something special to the table. We’ve got not one, but two beasts in the workshop, and they’re being tuned to perfection. Stay tuned for the big reveal – it’s going to be a game-changer!

Ride Safe Out There

As we shift gears into the next season, remember to keep the rubber side down and the enthusiasm high. We’re more than a channel; we’re a community that thrives on the love for motorcycles.

Stay connected, stay excited, and above all, ride safe out there. The journey continues, and it’s going to be a ride to remember!

Cheers to new beginnings and uncharted roads,

The WBRGarage Team

Season 6 - Before / After
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